How We Work

Up and foremost, we are a consulting company for budding digital businesses. Doing the strategic and base work will set the foundations for growth. In this line, we plan out strategies, evaluate potentials and insert automation where possible.

Effective sky reaching marketing is like building an impressive high-rise structure.
A solid foundation, good construction, and careful maintenance lead to a strong and long lasting building.


Research + strategize + plan. We internalize your vision and set KPIs

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Systems creation and execution. See what marketing assets our team can deliver

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Measure + adapt + automate. We follow concepts of the lean startup approach

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1. Foundation

Research + strategize + plan

Without knowing where you stand and what your surroundings look like, you cannot conceptionalize an appealing and client attracting framework.

We dig and do the groundwork so that you can take informed actions. Now you know your playground and have come up with a design edge. Rome was not built in a day and neither was a market conquering powerhouse.

It takes patient and continuous work with a plan. There is always the path of tried and true measures. We use a lot of best practices and stay current. The most impact, however, can be made by making heads turn with new approaches. We combine best practices and give them an innovative spin.

Many entrepreneurs who build great products simply don't have a good distribution strategy.
Marc Andreessen Venture Capitalist

2. Execution

With a blueprint in hand, it’s time to get out and work it. Put stone on top of stone and lay the wiring which connects every part of the house with each other. Finally, the lights turn on to shine well beyond the block. When clients have limited specialized staff they are often needed for day to day execution of the core business. Our team is here to lend you immediate support with getting started and finding trusted help for longer.

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Over time, all marketing channels become saturated. [..] it becomes crowded and expensive or ignored by customers, thus becoming much less effective.
Gabriel Weinberg Duck Duck Go

Key Performance Indicators were set in the planning phase, and now it is time to compare expectation with reality.


What is it that worked? What did not work? Let's do more of the former.


Once we find something that works we document and automate the process - transparent for you.

Measure + adapt + automate

3. Maintenance

When your house stands tall and you feel ready to receive your visitors, do a thorough clean sweep. Where all assumptions correct? There is still room to improve if things are out of place. Let’s pick them up and place them somewhere else or dispose of them.

Don’t forget to do regular check-ups. Do all light bulbs still work? Is the driveway cleared of obstacles? Together we change what needs improvement.

When a good strategy and execution prove working yet repetitive, we help you get the tools to leverage through automation.

The only way to win is to learn faster than anyone else
Eric Ries The Lean Startup

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